Will you support our return?

Our wineglass open sign

Hello Everyone,

We are happy to say that our business plan has been receiving pledges of support. The more we hear from friends, colleagues and the community, the more optimistic we are about returning to business.

We still have a way to go with fund-raising, however, and we remain careful to not “count our chickens before they hatch.” Our plan is available for you to view at http://UnCorkedGlensFalls.com/plan . Will you have a look at it and share your thoughts with us? We need to know, from each of you, whether you:

  • Will be a customer of the new restaurant and wine store.
  • Will be a BackStage Pass supporter.
  • Will be a 4% Solution supporter.
  • Can support us with goods or services.
  • Are not sure (We are available to answer any questions you have.)
  • Are not interested or are not in a position to lend assistance. (We understand. We have been there too.)

UnCorked was a place where visitors became guests, and guests became friends. We have missed being a presence on Glen Street. With a little help — from a lot of friends — we will be very happy to make a full-time return.

Margot & Rich Cirino

P.S. If you know of others who may be willing to support us, please share our message with them.

About our plans to return

Our wineglass open signHello, Everyone.

In February, we reported on our plans to reopen. We are happy to say that the fact-finding and detailed review steps are now complete.

Our plan remains for UnCorked Glens Falls to reopen in its original storefront at the Wood Theater.  The UnCorked wine and liquor store will occupy about 25% of its original space and the other 75% will be home to our new restaurant and bar.

Since February, we have shared drafts with additional chefs and other business owners. Our draft plans have also been with two builders, Glens Falls Code Enforcement, Glens Falls Fire Department, the New York Sate Liquor Authority and an engineer. All have offered suggestions, and we have incorporated them into our design.

We now know how much work and fund-raising will be necessary, and we remain convinced that this project will be successful. Our plans are with a local graphic artist, who will add illustrations and give it an “appetizing” look. They will soon be ready to share.

We have missed being a presence on Glen Street. With a little help — from a lot of friends — we will be very happy to make a full-time return.

Margot and Rich Cirino

Remembering Dick Reno

On February 18, we received a call from our good friend, winemaker Tim Miller. Dick Reno had passed.

Looking West from Chateau LaFayette Reneau

We met Dick and Betty (Mrs. Reno) in 1999. We had wandered into Chateau LaFayette Reneau winery on the day of a Cabernet Reserve Club members’ event. Betty had done the cooking, and was making sure that everyone had something to eat. We weren’t members, but she insisted that we take a share. (At every visit afterward, Betty always made sure that we had something to eat, or a jar of jelly, or some tomatoes, or some garden seeds, to bring home.) Dick visited with every guest. He made us feel particularly welcome, like it was our tenth visit, even though it was our first! Dick and Betty Reno were warm and generous hosts.

That 1999 visit was part of our research into starting a unique new business, an e-commerce store that carried only New York grown wines. We launched our business in May 2000, and since then have paid over 100 visits to the Finger Lakes. More than half of our visits included a stop to see Dick and Betty.

We learned from Dick about his early 1980’s dream of converting an overgrown jelly-grape farm into a vineyard and winery that produced wines on par with Bordeaux. On the day his 1999 Dry Riesling won the Governor’s Cup, we were helping Dick serve wine at the New York Wine and Food Classic. It was Chateau LaFayette’s second Governor’s Cup. Dick’s diligence about quality, and focus on operations, had made his world-class dream a reality.

Dick welcomed us into his winery and allowed us to study the entire operation, from vineyards through to bottling and sales. We learned most of what we know about winemaking from our visits with Dick and with Tim Miller as they showed us every detail of the Chateau LaFayette Reneau facility.

Dick was an accomplished businessman well before he and Betty established their winery. At every visit, Dick would ask about our new business and then advise us: “Only sell the best”, “Always ask for the sale”, “Believe in your product”, “Discuss, act, report”. Dick took fatherly interest in our progress and, like teenagers, we took some of his advice. With fatherly insight Dick could tell which advice we were following and which advice we had overlooked.

Our relationship with Dick, Betty and Tim has outlasted our own business. They are our extended family, and on Tuesday we felt like we had lost a parent. Dick, we salute you as a determined dreamer, diligent businessman, generous host, fatherly advisor and true gentleman. We have been honored to be your friend for all these years.

With love, Rich and Margot Cirino.

Gallery 99 Returns – February 6, 7 & 8.

For three days only, everyone can afford exceptional art.

Hoffman Building - 21 Bay Street, Glens Falls

Gallery 99 returns with original works — from over 20 artists — priced at $99 or less! Visit Gallery 99 at 21 Bay Street, Glens Falls on February 6, 7 & 8.

  • Feb 6th 5-8pm Opening Reception featuring The WonderBeards
  • Feb 7th, Gallery Open 10 -8 pm and Special Event, 6-8pm. “The Black Fly” (Live Storytelling Inspired by The Moth)
  • Feb 8th, Gallery Open 10 -8 pm and Closing Reception, 6-8pm featuring Mitochi
Please visit the Art in the Public Eye website for complete details.
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