Take-A-Bite 2014

Mark your calendars for Take-A-Bite 2014!

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Join us every Wednesday night, July 9 through August 20, and
enjoy all the tastes of Glens Falls.


About our plans to return

Our wineglass open signHello, Everyone.

In February, we reported on our plans to reopen. We are happy to say that the fact-finding and detailed review steps are now complete.

Our plan remains for UnCorked Glens Falls to reopen in its original storefront at the Wood Theater.  The UnCorked wine and liquor store will occupy about 25% of its original space and the other 75% will be home to our new restaurant and bar.

Since February, we have shared drafts with additional chefs and other business owners. Our draft plans have also been with two builders, Glens Falls Code Enforcement, Glens Falls Fire Department, the New York Sate Liquor Authority and an engineer. All have offered suggestions, and we have incorporated them into our design.

We now know how much work and fund-raising will be necessary, and we remain convinced that this project will be successful. Our plans are with a local graphic artist, who will add illustrations and give it an “appetizing” look. They will soon be ready to share.

We have missed being a presence on Glen Street. With a little help — from a lot of friends — we will be very happy to make a full-time return.

Margot and Rich Cirino

Planning update

Hello, Everyone.

Many of you have asked about our plans to reopen.  December and January were busy months, and we expect to have even more going on in February.

We spent many, many days designing the new kitchen, dining area and bar. Several of our experienced friends in the restaurant business and in the building trades have commented on our plans and we have built in their comments. We were familiar faces at Liberty Graphics and at Staples as we visited to purchase large prints of our draft designs.

Drawing the new kitchen

Our menu is fully composed, and our business plan is about eighty percent complete.

In January, we toured through downstate, New York City and New Haven CT, studying the best-regarded restaurants and bars along a thousand-mile excursion. We saw the best-of-the best at work, and we are now more confident than ever in the menu we have created.

During our trip, we discovered that the Chase Mission Main Street 2013 Grants went to other businesses. In October and November, 624 of you had voted for us — very few businesses in the country received so much support so quickly. We remain grateful for your support and good will. In the end, Chase Bank awarded nothing within 200 miles of Glens Falls.  It was disappointing news, but we remain confident that our grass-roots fund-raising plan will enable our return.

Our plan is for UnCorked Glens Falls to reopen in our original storefront at the Wood Theater.  The UnCorked wine and liquor store will occupy about 25% of its original space and the other 75% will be home to our new restaurant and bar. We have settled on a name and concept (but we will keep you guessing for a little while longer). Our menu and decor will be different from all of our neighbors, but they will provide a familiar and welcome sense of place.

We look forward to resuming business on Glen Street and we will have much more to share with you soon.

Margot and Rich

Transition and Tradition

Tree 2013November 2013 was the first month in thirteen years we haven’t helped someone select the perfect wine to pair with their holiday meal … but that’s just temporary.

We have been assembling facts for our our new wine store/restaurant business plan, and decorating the store front for the holiday season.

We are out and about, and we hope to see you Downtown.

Cheers and Stay Tuned!
Margot and Rich

Seize the day

There aren’t many public pianos around.

Our Public PianoToday, Joel, a new customer visited. A while back, he had heard there was a piano here, and that you could just sit down and play. He had been meaning to visit for quite a while. Today, Joel found the time — and the music was wonderful. He mentioned that our piano has a “real” feel.

We like to think that that we have made wine more “real” for many of our guests.

UnCorked will be closing in sixteen days.

Seize the day. There aren’t many public pianos around.