UnCorked’s Brief History

THERE ARE OVER 280 WINERIES IN NEW YORK STATE. Wineries from the Hudson River Valley, Finger Lakes, Lake Erie and Long Island have been producing award-winning wines for decades. Have you found more than a few wines from these regions in your local wine or liquor store? We didn’t.We’re Margot and Rich Cirino, the proprietors of UnCorked Glens Falls (formerly New York Wine Cork), a unique wine store in upstate New York. Our mission is to make it easier for you to find, and enjoy, wine.

On May 16, 2000, we opened New York Wine Cork in a little, tiny 20′ x 20′ store between Hartford and Granville. Our plan was to sell New York State wines by mail order from our website. We expected to see our UPS driver every day and just a few random (perhaps lost) customers in person at our little Baker Road shop. Goodness, how things changed!

So many people came to visit us in Hartford that, in 2005, we moved our store to Glens Falls, just as it was awakening from a very, very long economic nap.

For our first two years in Glens Falls, we continued to specialize in 100% New York wines, and make our own “Liberty Red” Cabernet Franc.

Many customers enjoyed New York’s world-class Rieslings, Chardonnays and Pinot Noirs, but other customers couldn’t find wines that they liked, especially reds from warm climates like California, Italy and Australia. We needed to help them too, so we decided to re-license our store.

It took five months, but we finally got our “traditional” wine and liquor store license in November, 2007. We had to stop making our Liberty Red, but we could stock and sell any wine or liquor that any customer wanted … and we did … and we are glad we did!

But then, our name was a problem …

You know that we sell wines from all over the world, but many other customers still don’t know about our selection. We advertised the change in print, on radio and on TV, but our name still suggested “Strictly New York” and created confusion.

So we invited you to help us change it, and we received dozens of excellent suggestions. They were so good, that we are keeping them on the list below.

  •  217
  • The Big Grape
  • Centennial Spirits
  • The Cork Liquor
  • Corkit!
  • Decanter’s Delight
  • The Extensive Wine Cork
  • The Glens Falls Wine Emporium
  • Freedom of the Pressed
  • Glens Falls Wine Reserve
  • International Wine Cork
  • Masquerade Wines
  • New York Wine Cork & More
  • The Pampered Grape
  • The Quicker Cork
  • Roundabout Wine Cellars
  • Sips
  • The Sommelier’s Ferment
  • Spirits of Glens Falls
  • The Thespian’s Vineyard
  • Uncorked
  • The Vineyard
  • Vino Cirino
  • Vinum Thespianus
  • Wine at the Wood
  • The Wine Cork
  • Wine Cork
  • Wine Theater
  • Wine World
  • Wines from Near and Far
  • Wines of New York and Beyond
  • Wing’s Falls Wine & Liquor
  • Wino Cirino
  • World-Wide Wines

We settled on “Uncorked – Glens Falls” and announced our new name on August 21, 2008.

Cheers, Margot & Rich Cirino


3 comments on “UnCorked’s Brief History

  1. Hey a great way to improve your sight would be to allow people to search wether or not you carry a type of wine say thai or korean wine. That way they can avoid driving to every wine merchant upstate looking they can just come right to you.

    • Great suggestion, Jenn. We have been looking for a simple method to integrate the Point of Sale at the shop with WordPress, to enable exactly what you seek. Meanwhile, we may just add a wines page. Is there a certain wine you are looking for?

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