We have twenty days …

Hello Everyone,

You may recall our August 2012 e-mail. It was time to consider our next lease. Sales had been flat. We sought your help and advice. Your response was amazing and gratifying. Almost overnight, sales surged and the wave of your support carried us through 2012. There was magic here in Glens Falls. But there wasn’t enough business to sustain UnCorked for the long-term. We had to reinvent our store or close.

For two years, we had been quietly seeking a skilled restaurant manager, and investors, to redevelop UnCorked into two businesses — the bottle shop in the smaller half and a beautiful, new wine bar in the larger half. The new wine bar would be the perfect complement to the Wood Theater building — a cheerful place to gather before shows, at intermission, and afterward.

At the end of 2012, an outstanding professional restaurant manager joined us in our wine bar planning. Soon afterward, there were potential investors. For the past several months, the planned new wine bar encouraged us and the Theater. We and our manager have been ready to start, but the investment hasn’t materialized. Without investment, UnCorked Glens Falls must close by October 31.

For eight years, UnCorked has been a place where strangers have become customers, and customers have become friends. We want to see each of you at least one more time. We have twenty days to sell down to bare walls. Will you visit us and purchase your favorite wine one more time? We want to depart from our space with all accounts settled, and we can — with your help.

We hope to see you soon,
Margot and Rich


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